Thursday, February 16, 2012

Developing my store of products

Currently at Achraf52 an official store where the company would sell it products is being developed, at this online store there would be numerous products such as ebooks, software, scripts, files, services, developed or offered by Achraf52 so, get ready to discover a great selection of useful products .

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Against SOPA and PIPA bills

Everyone likes Internet because it is open but, two bills in the US congress wanted to limit the Web by censoring each and every content that infringes someone copyright, those are called SOPA and PIPA which, today for protesting against them Achraf52 company and other companies in the Web blacked out their websites for showing off how the Web would appear if this law become approved, it would shutdown any website that violates someone copyright and make them go to jail for 5 years, in an aggressive way that would, possibly stop the activities of various websites types including blogs, photo sharing, video sharing, music, movies and so on, that is not the Web that people want, so decline SOPA and PIPA to protect your freedom of sharing and consuming, those copyright holders are already earning money so don't let them become greedy to earn more in that way, even though online piracy should be punished, but not in that's way while involves censoring pieces of content for any reason .